We PT Cropsindo Agro Industry created a new breakthrough by combining modern palm tree plantations with digital assets cryptocurrency, to minimize the risk of both products both for sugar palm cultivation and investment in crypto assets, we combined the two programs so that they can synergize and strengthen each other, and can be a solution to minimize losses and optimize profits from investment in the cultivation of palm trees and digital assets.


  • Data collection and control of palm trees are detailed and accurate by involving experts in mapping and geodesy. The mapping and geodetic system in every land planted by PT. Cropsindo Agro Industry is also supported by GPS technology, so that the division of clusters can be mapped on each land
  • Tree Owners are given a Certificate of Tree Ownership complete with CLUSTER LOCATION and TREE NUMBER which are legalized by NOTARY (*) and LOCATION POINT LOCATION. Investors can monitor their plantation assets online via the Internet according to the coordinates written in the Palm Plantation Ownership Certificate
  • The profit sharing system between the manager, PT Cropsindo Agro Industry and investors

Assumptions for calculating profits from palm plantations The location of our palm plantations is in West Pasamana, West Sumatra province covering an area of ​​3128ha. A possible description is with these calculations:

  • One hectare of Aren garden is planted by 400 trees, with a spacing of 5 x
  • With good maintenance, after 6-7 years, all trees can produce with a bugging percentage of 80% or as many trees each
  • With proper maintenance, the productivity of roomie will reach 15 liters / day / tree.
  • So the production of roomie from Aren 1 hectare garden is 320 trees x 15 liters / r / phn = 4,800 liters / day / hectare.
  • The 4,800 liter / day sap will be processed into Organic Palm Sugar (GAO), as much as 800 kg / day.
  • If this GAO price is Rp 10,000 / kg, then you will get income from 1 hectare Aren plantation: 800 kg / day x Rp 10,000 / kg = Rp 8 million / day.
  • Gross income of Rp. 8 million / day, or Rp. 240 million / month per
  • Gross income per tree Rp. 000 / month.
  • The total assumed annual gross income of 3180 ha is around 9,158 trillion

From the assumptions above that need to be seen is the numbers are not too fantastic, it’s just that for investors at this time investment in the planting of palm trees is less attractive because the yield period of palm trees is so long that is between 6-7 years, which makes this investment is not ogled by investors.

To minimize the yield period so long that investors do not glance at us PT Cropsindo Agro Industry created a sugar palm plantation concept with an integrated program using digital asset technology that we know by the name of crowdfunding based cryptocurrency, so that cryptocurrency has intrinsic value because there is a sector estate offered to investors who create the digital value of these assets will continue to increase and accelerate profits to investors.

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